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Transfer systems

To carry out the transfer of boxes from one lane to another Águia Sistemas has several equipment that can be applied according to flow and project needs.

For the diversion of boxes with a maximum flow of 800 boxes/h an equipment that can be used is the electric pusher. This equipment provides the diversion of boxes using the Pulse Roller® technology, and it is not necessary to use compressed air. The operating mechanism consists of a mechanical rod which displaces the casing at a 90° angle to the direction of movement.

When necessary an increase in the maximum flow of boxes to 1,200 boxes/h we count with belt transfer, that is a set of deviation of boxes in an angle of 90°. The equipment realizes the elevation of the box and later deviation of the same through straps. The entire system is developed using Pulse Roller® technology, with a 24V system.

Already for larger flows of boxes, up to 2,600 cases/h we counted on a system of deviation in 30° called MRE (move route equipment). This equipment performs the bypass of boxes by rotating the pulleys. Its drive is carried out using Pulse Roller® technology and its bypass system is pneumatically operated.

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