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Lifting Systems

Many projects require that the transportation of the boxes be carried out from one level to another. In these cases, Águia Sistemas has some equipment that can be applied according to the needs of the customer.

When it is necessary to transport from one level to another and the customer has a horizontal space with slack, the conveyor can be applied in a flat belt. This system has a low cost and allows slope and slope from 0° to 21°. The equipment is motorized with a speed controller and allows the design of speeds from 30 to 150m/min, with a useful width of 300 to 800mm and a maximum load capacity of 50kg/m. The transport of boxes using the flat belt reaches a flow of 3,000 boxes/h.

For cases where the horizontal physical space is limited a proposed solution is the use of a simple box lift, which allows a maximum flow of up to 450 boxes/h, this system allows delivery at different levels.

In cases where it is necessary the accumulation of boxes between the levels a viable option is the use of a spiral conveyor of boxes. This equipment uses Pulse Roller® technology and provides the accumulation of boxes between levels, reaching a flow of up to 2,800 cases/h. The box spiral also provides for the insertion of boxes at various levels.

When a larger flow of boxes is required, up to 2,800 cartons/h, but without the accumulation between levels, the suggested equipment would be the continuous box lift. As the name implies, this system works in a continuous way in which the elevator forks are in constant movement ensuring the attendance to the flow. The number of forks is defined according to the flow of the project.

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