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Free Movement

Águia Sistemas also has modules that can be used in free movement of boxes, without motorization. Among the models proposed we have free roller conveyors in steel or PVC that provide a manual movement of the box (plastic/cardboard) in linear lines and slope with greater smoothness and ergonomics. PVC rollers provide less friction with the carton which results in a higher speed in a declining condition. However, the maximum capacity of this module is reduced compared to the steel roller, with 30kg/m, while for steel rollers the maximum load capacity reaches 50kg/m. The useful width of this system is 300 to 800mm.

In order to enable the steering of the boxes without motorization we have conveyors in curve of pulleys. Consisting of pulleys, the conveyor allows variations in angles of 30°, 45°, 60° or 90°.

When it is necessary to send products from a higher level to a lower level by gravity, Águia Sistemas has sheet metal slides, which are used when the customer has a horizontal space sufficient to provide an inclination of 25 ° to 30 °, and a spiral of rollers, which can be applied to projects that have limited horizontal space.

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