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In order to optimize operations, especially in high turnover stocks, the Dynamic Storage System is the best option. The pallets are arranged at the ends of the structure and slide on rollers, the speed of the pallets is controlled by speed regulators. This intelligent system provides more organization, ease of movement and better use of the physical space. With some details and devices developed by Águia Sistemas, the Dynamic System is perfectly suited for PBR pallets as well as being able to adapt to other configurations of pallets or other load unitization devices.

It also allows excellent control for loads and products that need shelf life monitoring, since the verification of loads and goods is very simple and uses the FIFO system (first in – first out).

The entire displacement path of the pallet within the structure on the tracks is provided by the action of gravity, therefore without cost.

Due to the precise control of the travel speed, the incidence of maintenance is practically non-existent.

Looking at all these attributes, we can consider as “the state of the art” in terms of sustainable and efficient Moving and Storage.


Product characteristics:

– Optimization of time and space;

– Better control of validity, handling and movement (FIFO system);

– Intelligent system of organization and accommodation of cargo.

– Uses the action of gravity, does not need automation.


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