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In the design of conveyor projects with motorization we have some modules that can be combined to best attend the ideal customer configuration.

Among the existing modules we can mention the linear motorized roller conveyors, ideal for processes that require an automated linear movement of boxes (plastic or cardboard). The Pulse Roller ® technology involved in the process allows the function to be created ZPA (zero pressure accumulation) creating accumulations without any contact between the boxes. This module attends the speeds from 30 to 150 m/min, considering the useful width of 300 to 800 mm and maximum load capacity of 50 kg/m. This module guarantees the flexibility in the application of the system using a 24V system.

In order to realize the direction of the boxes in angles Águia Sistemas counts on the roller conveyors in curve. This module allows the continuous movement of the boxes with the steering in angles of 30 °, 45 °, 60 ° or 90 °. They consist of conical rollers that also have Pulse Roller® technology guaranteeing the perfect curvilinear movement of the boxes. It attends demand with speeds of 30 to 150 m/min and maximum load capacity of 50 kg/m.

In cases where it is necessary to pass people through areas where the conveyors are installed, motorized roller gates can be installed. This module allows the momentary interruption of the movement of the boxes through its manual opening and the mechanical damping system softens the opening and closing of the gate. The motorization of this system is also carried out with Pulse Roller® technology, 24V.

When it is necessary to read labels, apply labels to the boxes, weigh the cartons or when we use tapes, we have a module of oblique conveyors that performs the uniform targeting of the cartons. The entire conveyor system integrates with peripherals such as bar code reader and scale to determine variants in which decisions will be made within the process through weight, volume and bar code.

For the transport of plastic packages that do not have stiffness as bales we count in our portfolio with conveyors in flat belt. These conveyors can be used in systems of accumulation, using the motorization by MDR, or lines of greater extension, using in its motorization speed controller. The speeds reached vary from 30 to 150m/min, with useful width of 300 to 800mm and maximum load capacity of 50kg/m.

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