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Águia Sistemas Develops, designs, manufactures, integrates and implements customized automation, robotization and software engineering solutions in the handling, storage, separation and consolidation of materials, guarantee high-performance customer requirements.

  • Conveyors


    In the design of conveyor projects with motorization we have some modules that can be combined to best attend the ideal customer configuration.

  • Free Movement

    Free Movement

    Águia Sistemas also has modules that can be used in free movement of boxes, without motorization.

  • Lifting Systems

    Lifting Systems

    Many projects require that the transportation of the boxes be carried out from one level to another. In these cases, Águia Sistemas has some equipment that can be applied according to the needs of the customer.

  • Transfer systems

    Transfer systems

    To carry out the transfer of boxes from one lane to another Águia Sistemas has several equipment that can be applied according to flow and project needs.

  • Picking Systems

    Picking Systems

    Among the several segments and methodologies applied for product separation, Águia Sistemas has a combination of structures, equipment and software that aim to increase productivity and efficiency in the movement of items, whether fractional or closed. 


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